Amazing video editing software tricks: awesome stop motion

What do you get when you take thousands of pictures and smash them all together? A stop motion video my friend, one of my favorite types. Stop motion is notoriously difficult to create, but when done correctly, the results are amazing. Check out these cool content creators that are using professional video editing software to create some awesome stop motion videos.


The artist known as PES creates stunning stop motion shorts and commercials. In fact one of their recent videos, “Fresh Guacamole” is the shortest film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award. What do you think of the video? Once you’ve had your fill of guacamole, explore the PESfilm YouTube channel a bit more; all of their stop motion videos are worth a watch.

Cesar Kuriyama

For a unique take on stop motion, check out Cesar Kuriyama’s second-a-day videos. Currently there are just two, but they are intended to be an annual tribute to his life. Each day he captures one second of video which he smashes together at the end of the year. His 31st year video is an interesting glimpse into his life. While not technically stop motion, it comes close and if you explore his other video selections on Vimeo, you’ll find plenty of great stop motion.

Mabona Origami

To transform a single sheet of paper into a 3-D work of art is truly a gift. Mabona Origami takes this to the next level by creating stunning origami themed stop motion videos. You’ll see every fold, twist, tuck and turn as you watch a miraculous transformation. All of their videos I’ve seen are breathtaking; this deconstruction of a rhinoceros is a favorite.

If you love stop motion just as much as I do, take some time and explore the creativity of these talented video artists. These video creators certainly know how to utilize professional video editing software to create something amazing.

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