How to create a compelling video using professional video editing software

The thought of learning how to use video editing software can be daunting. There are even classes on programs like Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas! That’s why we created muvee. We don’t believe making awesome movies should be hard or take a manual to create.

As you may have heard we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary this year of bringing movie making to the masses. By including effects, transitions, fades, zooms and pans in our styles, we make creating videos a snap! We also want you to be able to upload and share instantly so we’ve included one-touch sharing buttons for just that reason. Did you also know muvee even creates video editing software for Nikon cameras, LG phones, HP computers, HTC phones, Seagate FreeAgent external hard drives, Coby camcorders, Nokia phones and Creative Technology’s Vado cameras?!

We believe you should be able to create amazing movies at home or on the go in a snap, so we promise we will never make it hard to use or require a manual.

What do you use muvee software for? Let us know in the comments!

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