muvee Video tips : How to shoot video of toddlers and young children

Shooting video of toddlers and younger children can be challenging, because they present two very different problems for videographers: 1) they often freeze up and try to pose for the camera or 2) paradoxically, they never still enough so that it’s easy to capture their facial expressions.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks for shooting video of toddlers and younger children.

1) Make the camera boring
Often when I’m shooting video of my youngest son, he’s amble over and gently yank the camera out of my hand so he can see what’s on the LCD screen. The trick I’ve found is to realize that for the first 5 minutes or so he’s going to want to see the camera, and plan on taking more meaningful footage later. This works for us, and will help with taking more natural video

2) Dream up a distraction
Sometimes you may not have 5 minutes or so to “warm up”. What you might want to do instead is have someone else serve as a distraction – anything to take the attention away from the camera.

3) Get more kids into the picture
The only thing more interesting to toddlers than your camera sometimes will be other toddlers. Children love other children, and their interactions will help you take even better videos.

4) Get up close
We adults sometime forget how gigantic we are compared to our tiny toddlers. Be sure to kneel down right at eye-level to best capture facial expressions.

5) Do some planning
If your child is going to be in a pre-school play, it may be very difficult to get up close and actually see what’s going on. So, what you might want to do is attend a rehearsal to get close-ups of costumes, and close-ups of your child. Combine this earlier footage with the actual performance to create a more compelling muvee.


Here’s how one muvee user approached making muvees of small children:

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