Wedding Photos Are So Important, But Not For The Reasons You Think!

Each person has a handful of milestone events in their lifetime that should be captured in photos. As children, these events include our first steps, our first day of school, our first time riding a bicycle, our first school dance and graduating from high school. As adults, two of the biggest milestones in our lives often occur: Getting married and having children.

Ask most people what their most important photographs are, and they will likely tell you it’s their wedding photos. Your wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion, and you’ll want to remember it forever. Pictures of the wedding are so important!


Not So Obvious Reasons Why Wedding Photos Are Important

You may think that the importance of your wedding ceremony is the biggest reason to have lots of pictures, but this isn’t necessarily the case. While the wedding itself is certainly important, there are other factors as well.


It’s A Snapshot Of Time

Wedding photos capture the bride and groom at a moment in time when they look amazing, glowing and happy. These shots capture not just the day, but the mood, style, and individuality of the couple. They are a part of who the couple is, and what they are like. This is why it’s so important to capture the little details and the big ones. Capture elements that you might not think to catch. Think of the wedding photos as a sort of time capsule. These pictures will be looked back on for years to come, so get creative!


Family Photos

As much as the wedding is about the bride and groom, it’s also about family and friends. In many cases, a wedding is one of the few times that family will be all together, in one place. The opportunities for multi-generational photos is present and should be taken advantage of. There may not be other opportunities!

Always be sure to take lots of photos of grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins. There may be people coming from out of town or even out of the country! Don’t forget to get shots of the kids, too. One day, you’ll be attending their weddings!

While you should strive to keep wedding photos classic and timeless, it’s always nice to capture some shots that incorporate pop-culture and give a sense of time. These types of shots are great for nostalgia. People at weddings are generally dressed up and looking their best, so be sure to get plenty of shots of that! This may be the only time in his life that cousin Dave will be wearing a tie, so don’t miss it!


DIY Wedding Ideas

Getting all the best shots at your wedding requires some planning and coordination. If you have a professional photographer, he or she will be sure to capture the bride and groom, bridal party and immediate family. The photographer will take a series of formal, posed photos of the family including grandparents, siblings, parents, etc.

It’s important, though, not to just leave family photos to the photographer. There is only so much time, and as nice as formal portraits are, they aren’t always the best shots taken at a wedding!

Help things along by scouting out and designating a spot to take photos. This isn’t a booth, per se, but more of a photo-worthy area to get shots with a nice background and lighting. Encourage people to take lots of pictures of each other, and find a way to ensure shots are shared with the bride and groom.
Again, it’s so important to capture multi-generational photos throughout the day. Get pictures of grandparents and grandbabies. Moms and daughters, siblings and cousins.


Friends And Faraway Family

There may be family visiting from afar. These family members may not be particularly close, but it’s still important to capture them. Think of your wedding day as a historic date. It’s important to capture those attending and also to record what’s going on in people’s lives and the world at large during the event. Your wedding provides a snapshot into what was going on at the time.

Video is another great way to capture the mood and importance of the event. Interview family members, and ask friends to share their favorite memories of the bride and groom.

Another fun idea is a wedding slideshow. This is often a side-by-side compilation of the bride and groom growing up, dating each other and eventually proposing. This is a good reason to get engagement photos! The wedding slideshow is a moving journey that each takes to get to where they are now.

Wedding photos aren’t just pretty pictures of the bride and groom dressed up and looking amazing; they are a part of your family history. Years later you’ll look back at the photos and see how much people have changed. Children have grown up, your friends have gone on to marry and have kids, parents have aged, and grandparents have passed on. Think of your wedding photos as a time capsule, showing a unique moment in time that captures special moments of love between you and your loved ones.

Be sure to take as many photos and as much video as possible. It can be edited later. Talk to people and ask questions. Take photos of what’s important, and take some photos of random things that may not seem important now but will later. A picture of the vehicle you’ll be leaving in is a snapshot of the times that will be surprisingly nostalgic in 20 or 30 years!

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