How to preserve the magic of your wedding with muvee's storyboard feature

June is traditionally the most popular month to get married (although August is a close second). Why? The reason has to do with nice weather and with an ancient Roman goddess named Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, and the namesake of that wonderful month, June.

We love June because, at least in muvee’s home base of San Francisco, the fog and mist of the winter and spring has faded, leaving beautiful dry days and plenty of warmth and sunshine. The flowers are in bloom, the birds are tweeting, and it’s just a wonderful time of year to tie the knot.

So, how to preserve the magic and memories of your wedding? Use muvee Reveal’s Storyboard feature.

Creating an interesting story is a great way to preserve memories of your wedding. To do this, use muvee Reveal’s storyboard tool to rearrange your wedding photos, videos and even music to tell your story. Add in your titles, credits and other calloits as you need them, and also rely on red-eye reduction capability, magicSpot™ for photos and magicMoments™ for video.

magicSpot™ and magicMoments™ are useful tools that allow you to focus on specific parts of a video or photo for added dramatic effect.

muvee Reveal automatically combines the final media, with the style and your music choice letting you concentrate on the overall story of your wedding. No editing or fussing with aligning music to media. Just 3 steps to create and tell your story.

Here’s a good example of a wedding slide show using muvee:

Preserve the magic moments of your wedding with muvee’s storyboard feature by easily dragging and dropping photos exactly where you want them. Try the photoElegance Style too!

Have a wedding video you’re proud of? Send us a link so we can share!

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