Make a great wedding video with these 5 tips

Want to make a great wedding video? Use these 5 tips

First and foremost when you are setting out to make a wedding video you should make sure you are using proper movie making software.

There are lots of lesser brands out there allowing you to edit, but that don’t give you the real options of movie making software such as intricate transitions, total control over sound, the ability to manipulate images, etc. These are all imperative to making a video that pops when it comes together. Muvee is a great example of software giving you all the options you will ever need.

1. Get a feel for the right music to use at the event

This means paying attention to the choices the bride and groom made for the dances: their first dance, the mom/son dance and the daddy/daughter dance. Also pay attention to the music used when going down the aisle and any other entrance choices. While you should request music suggestions from them as well, often you can get a better sense by paying attention to what they chose for their day.

2. Use a wedding video montage

While you will want to include a tab that shows the entire event, using movie making software to create a wedding video montage to music is often more interesting than just playing the wedding straight through. It is something people are more apt to watch and it gets rid of the slow parts.

3. Keep your transitions consistent

It can be tempting to use all the various transitions the wedding move maker software has to offer, but it rarely looks cohesive when you do this. It is much more effective to choose a few transitions that fit with the music and the style of the wedding. For example, I shot a “hoe down” themed wedding and all the transitions felt like lassos and horses, whereas for the “Hawaiian wedding” I used the flowery transitions. It gives it a nice flow.

4. Include a wedding slideshow

Working with the photographer is key for this. If you can enlist a few of the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well, you will have even more to choose from. While this won’t be a part of the main video segment, it is something most couples really enjoy and often watch more than the video itself. The wedding slideshow can be a tab and shows clips of the happy moments set to music.

 5. Use the title page so it is easy to skip around to the important points

One of the most important things you can do is use your front page so people can skip around and watch the part of the video they are most interested in. The bride and groom will likely share this with a number of people and they will be interested in different parts. It allows you to control the flow of the video. These “chapters” should be things like “video montage,” “dances,” “toasts,” “ceremony,” etc so it is very easy to navigate or watch all the chapters straight through.

Following these simple tips will give you wedding video a much more professional feel. It will also help others enjoy the end product, leading to more work for you!

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