Make a wedding slideshow with muvee

It’s June and it’s generally the most popular month for weddings – a quick search of YouTube show more than 300,000 results for wedding slideshow and 6,000 results for June wedding slideshow.

Why are weddings in June? The tradition of June weddings actually dates back the days of the Roman Empire.

There were several theories as to why the Romans made June their wedding month. One reason was June was when the weather became warm and people started to bathe again and could be clean for their wedding. The festival of Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, was also celebrated in June.

So June made a lot of sense.

More recently we at muvee have noticed weddings taking places all over the year, not just in June. September has become a popular month. The weather is warm and dry – in many places June is a rainy month, while July and August can get pretty hot.

While if you’ve ever attended a wedding or have been married, you’ll know that literally thousands of photos – and a great many videos – are produced, often by a professional photographer, and often in high quality.

This means you can create a pretty fantastic wedding slideshow.

Indeed, we recommend trying a Wedding Slideshow Maker with one of our . Check out this wedding video made using muvee Reveal X:

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