Making a wedding video? Compare 3 video editing tools.

Do you want to make a great wedding video for a friend or client?

If you are a wedding photographer, or just want to make a video of a friend’s wedding, you will want to edit your video using a video editing program.

But which one should you use?

Video editing is a complex art form that can take years to learn and more to master.

Well, of course, we here at Muvee, recognize this problem and are partial to our own fast and easy video editing software, we also want to help you get as much quality information as you can.

So today we are comparing 3 video editing tools to use when you make a wedding video:

1. Adobe Premiere

This is a high-powered piece of software that can create professional films.

Adobe Premiere uses a timeline to let you add your cuts and edits in a linear sequence. It is a manually operated, so you would be in control of every element and this tool can help you create almost any video you could imagine.

This software has been used in movies like, The Social Network, and on television shows like, The Tonight Show.

If you are a professional wedding photographer, who wants top of the line films for your clients, then the high price tag and steep learning curve might be worth it for you.

2. Final Cut Pro X

This is Apple’s new application that some have called a blend of two of Apple’s video editing applications: Final Cut Pro 7 and iMovie.

Professional video-editors were upset when this first hit the market, due to it’s lack of compatibility with previous versions of Final Cut Pro, which many professional editors had used for years. Final Cut Pro was the main competitor to Adobe Premiere.

Apple also has iMovie though, which is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for the Mom, who wants to make a fun movie for her family or other consumers.

Final Cut Pro X combines the intuitiveness of iMovie with more customizable features that were found in Final Cut Pro 7. The learning curve is less steep than Premiere and the price is less too.

This is a good option for wedding photographers producing profession videos for clients, who can invest some time and energy into learning the software.

3. Muvee Reveal

Our software is the only automatic video editing tool and you can create a video in 3 easy steps.

You upload your videos or photographs, select your music, then personalize your video by changing the title, closing credits, and captions.

We wanted to create the easiest video editing software on the market.

This is best for amateurs, who want to create a great wedding movie without investing hours of time to learn a new piece of software. Or wedding photographers who want good-looking videos for clients, yet are busy working with clients or shooting more photographs.

muvee is the proud creator of muvee Reveal X, a video editing software program.

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