When it comes to wedding portrait pictures, bride pictures are a must. Use these posing tips and unique wedding ideas for your bridal photo shoot.

It’s your big day, and you want to capture and remember every detail. The ideal bridal photo shoot and wedding ceremony ideas can help you to document all your priceless memories so that you’ll be able to revisit them years or even decades from now.

Whether you’re doing a DIY wedding or want unique wedding ideas for wedding portrait pictures taken by a professional photographer, this comprehensive guide for taking bride pictures can give you pro insights and inspiration:


Plan Your Styling and Compositions

Start by considering the overall vibe you wish to capture and convey in your photos. Is your personal style classic, modern, vintage, traditional or edgy? Decide on the theme and overall look you wish for your wedding photos to convey. This will allow you to make ideal decisions about individual poses and composition.


Create a List of Poses and Scenes

Once you’ve decided on your overall theme, vibe and vision, make a list of the scenes and poses you wish to capture during your bride photo shoot. That way, you’ll have a checklist to draw from and won’t forget anything when the big day arrives. Here are some classic bridal photo shoot ideas to consider:


  • Putting your dress on
  • Sitting in front of the mirror
  • Having makeup applied
  • Putting on a garter belt
  • Adjusting the veil
  • Specific outfit elements like jewelry or shoes
  • Looking out a window
  • Looking down at the engagement ring while smiling
  • Laughing with your bridesmaids



Personalize It

The above ideas are fairly traditional and expected when it comes to bridal photography. However, don’t forget that this is about you, the bride. It’s your day! Find ways to personalize the photo shoot and really make it your own. A picture of yourself with your pet or a closeup of a tattoo or a piercing are just a couple examples of non-traditional bride photo ideas. You can plan as many special and unique posed shots as you wish, but also be open to spontaneous ideas and moments on the day of the shoot. You just never know what the day might hold, and those unexpected moments can make for some of the best bridal and wedding photos.


Rehearse the Shoot

Brides can also “practice” for the photo shoot in front of a mirror or with a camera. See what works best in terms of smiles, looks and posing ideas before the shoot so that you’ll know what works best. Find your best angles and even your best “side” so that you can arrange yourself in ideal positions throughout the photo shoot. Pair up with your Mom or your maid of honor during this practice session to get their opinions and advice.


Ideal Lighting and Camera Settings

Lighting is key to a successful photo shoot with beautiful results. Natural light is always best, so consider scheduling some shots outdoors in nature or near a window. If you must use indoor light or professional photography lighting, make sure it is soft, warm and filtered, never harsh and cold.

The same applies to your photography flash and lens; choose the softest and most flattering settings available. Take some test shots to confirm you love the results of both the camera setting and the lighting. Fortunately, in the age of digital photography, it’s possible to see results right away to confirm you love the look of the photos. This will allow you to fine-tune your lighting as well as the other elements of the setting.


Pro Posing Tips

There are some specific things you can do to help enhance your wedding photo and bride photo results. Consider these posing tips to help optimize your results:

Ideal Posture. Watch your posture throughout, remembering to sit and stand with a straight spine but with shoulders relaxed.

Face and Neck. Pose with your face and neck slightly lifted up and pushed forward. This will help to minimize shadows and create a smoother, more elegant line. Practice facial angles and positions in the mirror to find the poses you like most.

Shoot from Above. If you’re doing a DIY wedding and bridal photos, placing the camera slightly above the scene can maximize results as well. Avoid being photographed from below, as this tends to be less flattering to the face and body.

Avoid Straight-On Poses. Avoid wedding portrait pictures with the bride facing the camera directly as well. This applies to full-length shots, seated wedding pictures, closeups and every pose in between. Posing at a slight angle is always more flattering, whether it’s a turn of the hips or a small tilt of the face.


Take Lots of Photos

Take advantage of the benefits of digital photography and be sure to take as many photos as possible. You can always delete the ones that don’t turn out. Experiment with lots of different angles and poses. Even if you delete more photos than you keep, rest assured that you will be able to save the very best wedding pictures from the shoot.



Relaxation is key to successful wedding pictures and really any photography. Being relaxed allows you to look more natural and photogenic. The most effective and successful photos are of subjects who look natural and comfortable. Have a few sips of champagne if that will help take the edge off; most importantly, think about all the reasons you’re marrying your spouse-to-be. Let your love for your partner permeate your thoughts during every pose.

Unique wedding ideas and special wedding ceremony ideas can make the photos from your big day truly memorable. Whether you’re doing a DIY wedding or want your professional shoot to go as smoothly as possible, these tips for wedding photos can help. Show yourself in your best possible light by drawing from this guide for bridal photography and wedding portrait pictures.

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