Unique wedding ideas and wedding ceremony pictures can make your photo memories truly epic. Use these easy tips for awesome DIY groom pictures.

Your wedding day is epic, and you want to document every detail. With a DIY wedding, the pressure’s on to come up with an ideal alternative to paying a photographer thousands of dollars. If you have a relative or buddy who’s into photography, commissioning this person to take your wedding portrait pictures and candid shots can be the perfect solution.

You’ll want to capture every moment of the day, and research and planning are key. The bride traditionally has her very own segment of the photo shoot, but what about groom pictures? You’ll want to make sure his part of the festivities is well-documented, too. Use this guide for the ultimate comprehensive approach to photographing the groom on your big day:


Groom Pictures -The Groom and Grooms mates

What’s Your Style?

The couple should meet with the photographer to discuss the overall look and vibe you hope the DIY wedding photos will capture. This applies to the two of you as a couple, but there’s also room for individual personal style as well.

Decide if a traditional approach is “you,” or you prefer to take a unique angle? Make sure the photographer is clear on your style and vision for the shoot so that you’ll love the final wedding pictures. Fortunately, you can also fine tune wedding portrait pictures and images in muvee Wedding Studio software to really put your flair on the finished results.


Groom Pictures- Groom getting ready for the big day

Poses and Photo Ops for the perfect Groom Pictures

Once your overall look and theme are established, it’s time to get more specific. The couple can put their heads together and make a list of the must-have groom pictures they want from the day. While there are traditional choices for the bride, the approach for the groom is much more wide open. Make a thorough list of all that you both envision and ask for the photographer’s input as well.


Some checklist items for groom photography might include:

  • Getting dressed
  • Closeups of specific outfit elements like the bowtie, cuffs, shoes
  • Looking at the rings
  • Preparing/reading his vows
  • A portrait with his mother
  • Laughing with the best man
  • Joking around with the groomsmen
  • Waiting for the bride


Groom Pictures-Groom posing next to a horse

Personalizing Your Experience

While the above ideas are fairly traditional, don’t forget that this is your wedding; you can take steps to really make it your own. Let your personality into the photography process as much as possible. If you have a dog, a wedding day photo or two with your four-legged best friend is a must.

Is your Harley your other true love? Find ways to incorporate her into the day as well, or at least a few wedding photos. Closeups of your tattoos, your guitar, your boat or treasured sports car can also help to make your groom photos and wedding day pictures reflective of who you really are.


Groom Picture- Groom posing next to the bride

Groom Pictures Pro Posing Tips

There are a few things you can do when posing to enhance your groom picture results. Try and remember these posing tips on your big day to optimize your results:

Face and Neck Position. Lift your neck and face slightly and push it forward just a bit for the most flattering photo results. Feel free to practice smiles and facial posing angles in the mirror to see what looks best.

Posture. Always stand and sit with spine and back straight, but remember to keep your shoulders relaxed.

Avoid Straight Shots. Photos taken from directly ahead of you are often unflattering and can lack creative flair. Instead, always include some departure from the straight on shot, even if it’s just a turn of the head or hips. This applies to seated wedding pictures, full-length shots, and closeups; a slight angle is always more flattering.

Shoot from Above. Positioning the camera slightly above the scene also helps to bring more flattering results; avoid being photographed from underneath eye level.


Groom Picture- Grooms laughs while holds the bouquet

Practice Makes Perfect

Take the time to run through your posing ideas ahead of time with your photographer. Some ideas might sound good in theory, but may not be realistic in practice. A test run can help everyone to feel more comfortable and confident that when the big day comes, you’ll get the results you envision. Taking test shots lets you experiment with angles, smiles, facial expressions and other elements of successful wedding pictures.

Have your photographer try different camera settings, flash, and lighting options as well. While natural light is almost always the most ideal, some of your shots will be indoors. Determine how much additional lighting will be needed for the wedding ceremony and different venues you’ll be in. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with dramatic lighting effects. This type of lighting can cast artful shadows and give your groom pictures a decidedly more masculine flair.


Groom Picture- Groom having a drink with the Grooms mates

Play It Cool

Being relaxed is the key to good photography in any setting. When you’re relaxed, you’re more yourself, and this vibe will come through in the wedding photos. Smile from the eyes and not just the mouth; if your face is tense, it will come through in the photos. Have a cocktail with your groomsmen before the photo shoot to take the edge off. Most importantly, think about your bride and let your feelings for her come through during every shot.


Groom Pictures - The Groom in the after party

Snap Away!

The benefits of digital photography include the ability to delete all the wedding pictures you don’t want. Remind your photographer to snap away and take lots of shots at the wedding ceremony and reception. Taking numerous photos won’t impact the cost. (Just make sure there are enough memory cards to hold them all.) You can review the photos later and delete the wedding ideas that don’t work. From there, photo editing software like muvee Wedding Studio can help you to make them perfect with the click of a mouse. Even if you delete more than you keep, you can be sure the ones you hold onto will be the best of the best.

When planning your wedding photography, don’t forget to plan the groom pictures. Use these tips and DIY wedding ideas to take amazing groom photos, then refine and perfect them using muvee editing software. Wanna share your results with us? Head to our Facebook page and show off the pictures of your handsome Groom!




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