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Camera Technology Stacks

Award winning and patented Color Science technology to always capture perfect photos under all conditions.

Get studio-quality Selfies. World Class image quality
Competitive Advantage to differentiate your Camera

Make colors pop without over saturation or changing tones

Adjust the exposure settings for every single pixel as if you had a multi-aperture camera

Written in Halideā„¢, optimized for today’s mobile computing platforms. (HVX, GPU, CPU)

In development Q4 2017

Corrects for CMOS artifacts in under representing some colors of the real worl un evenly due to inherent nature of CMOS.

In development Q4 2017

Applying the right amount of contrast and other proprietary techniques makes a subject jump off the picture.

In development Q4 2017

Cameras capture infra-red, whilst our eyes don’t Fixes flushed in hot weather (or inebriated) without washing out red tones.

In development Q1 2018

powered by Perfectly Clear

30,000,000 images are corrected EACH DAY in photo labs globally by PerfectlyClear’s image color science.

  • Auto-Image Correction which overcomes the physical limitations of a single-aperture camera
  • Mimics how human eye sees and how the brain remembers an image
  • Each pixel is analyzed and corrected individually, unlike filters which carpet-bombs entire photo.
  • Originally developed for large-scale photo-printing labs to automatically improve images before printing
  • Every correction makes a photo better, never worse

Who is behind PerfectlyClear?

Small focused team of image scientists & math wizards passionate about light, physics and natural no-filter photography

5 Patents, 12 unique Algorithms, 15 yrs: ONE Focus


The biggest brands in photo products use PerfectlyClear technology daily.


Color Vibrancy

Traditional approach searches for black, and clips RGB values, creating color distortion. Sometimes it applies same saturation adjustments to every pixel.

We look at each Channel for Each Pixel individually and adjust each according to how the eye adjusts saturation for different parts of image.


Single aperture camera has a single focus and setting for ISO and Exposure for entire image.

Each pixel has its own “camera”, so you get an image with 12 Million* aperture and ISO settings. *assuming 12 megapixel photo

DCF (Vivid)

Great for landscapes. Makes your photos pop!

DCF (Standard)

Cameras capture purples as blues. We correct it.

Depth + Contrast

Applying the right contrast settings creates depth; makes a 2D image appear 3D.


Cameras capture infra-red. But human eyes do not.
Perfectly Clear will not wash out red lips (or lipstick) or dresses and also applies to all skin, not just face.

Great for selfie camera correction.

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