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Access all of muvee’s free content, We have compiled for you more than twenty years of experience in video shooting and editing.


From the basics for beginners to advanced tips for seasoned video editors

How to capture your videos using different devices, how to define your editing style, what editing techniques and video editing tricks will work better for you. These video editing tips will help you master all this in a breeze.


Essential Photography Tips for Beginners, improve your photography skills

Learn how to control the shutter speed, how to choose your lenses and camera, use flattering light for portrait pictures and photo enhancing software tools. We guide you through the process, step by step, speaking the language you understand (No Jargon here!).


You can learn how to create video slideshows just by following our tips.

Add transitions, add music, include special effects, make your photos and videos come to life. Delight friends and family with your creations, photo, and video slideshows are the best way to turn your snapshots into precious memories let your creativity flow!


Video consumption is increasing every day; Video IS THE CHANNEL.

Start mastering video marketing; create compelling stories that will translate into visits & $ale$. These tips and tricks will enable you to craft pro-looking videos without breaking the bank! Market your products and services on social media through Video!


Learn about the hottest Video trend.

360-degree Video is the what all video content creators are crazy about. We teach you how to stitch your videos, how to share them on social media, what 360 video editing software you should use, and much more. Get those 360 video editor skills that everyone is talking about!


It’s impressive! We’ve always wanted to see the world like a bird.

But getting it right is not always easy, understand the critical factors to creating aerial views that captivate your audience. Learn how to shoot and edit for the most common types of drone videos; Action Sports, Storytelling, and Aerial Scenery drone videos.


Action Videos are more accessible than ever for the average video aficionado.

Learn how to use striking techniques such as time-lapse and Slowmo-Fastmo sections. Where to mount your camera so that you capture every piece of the action while avoiding vibrations, how to get unique perspectives that will get you jaw-dropping reactions on social media, Dive in!!


Wedding photo & Videographers are often the most sought-after content creators.

It is undoubtedly not an easy trade, but with the help of our wedding video and photography knowledge center, you too can DIY and get great results. Get the skills that will help you immortalize the big day for friends and family.


Our applications are extremely easy to use.

But once in a while you may have a more advanced question, or you might want to take your video editing to the next level, so with that in mind, we have compiled here a collection of articles that will help you become a real Pro muvee user.

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