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Get more views for your YouTube videos

Get more views for your YouTube videos

YouTube videos receive 4 billion views every day, and this number is increasing all the time. Savvy businesses can take advantage of this popularity to send viewing customers their way. All it takes is understanding how to capture the interest of potential viewers.

Here are some tips and tricks to get more views for your YouTube videos:

1. Capture interest immediately

The first 15 seconds are the most important part of your video- your content needs to be interesting.

2. Tell people what to do

Include compelling calls to action to motivate viewers to click on links and get redirected to your website!

3. Establish a pattern

Regularly schedule “themed content” (think: Discovery Channel’s yearly Shark Week).

4. Leverage your social network

Get some help (and help others) by cross-promoting and collaborating with other organizations and their YouTube channels.

5. Measure success

Use YouTube Analytics to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your viewers.

You can use YouTube’s free tools to get more views for your videos by learning what each metric means and how the different metrics correlate to one another, in order to find the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of trends you’re seeing.

You can then use these new insights in the video editing process with muvee Reveal for your business.

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