Making Awesome Action Sports Drone Videos

Learn how to Shoot and Edit Action Sports Movies with Action Studio for iPhone

Surfers and Oceans

Drones are great for capturing surfers. We like to start having a shot of the drone speeding parallel to the coastline and surf to get an adrenaline pumping shot of the area. You cannot use the Fast Motion feature to cheat here as your waves will be breaking unnaturally fast.

You really need to fly low and fast along the breaks to give you the right effect! So be careful! Don’t get wet!

Mountain Bikers

Whether you are capturing mountain bikes on the Moab or regular tour de france tourists on l’alpe d‘huez, start with a close up shot flying close to and following the subject, then pull out to reveal the landscape he is on. This is guaranteed to get the “whoa!” response from your audience.

Using Slow Motion

Filming a skateboader doing a jump from the sky? Use Action Studio’s multi-segment Slow Motion feature to dramatize the stunt. Sometimes we like to mix it up a little and add a fast motion segment going into the big jump.

For more dramatic slow motion sequences, try our our ReAction slow motion app. It has multiple professionally tuned speed bumps for those action shots. Make them in ReAction, then import into Action Studio to put it all together.

Pro Tip: use the highest FPS setting on your drone. We find that a minimum of 60 FPS is needed to get really good dramatic slow motion sequences. Check our guide to capturing great slomo shots.

The Top Down Shot

Standing in the middle of Shinjuku crossing? When capturing large crows of people, we like to point the camera vertically down to get the Top-Shot. This gives a very different viewpoint that people are not used to seeing and adds an interesting point of view to the scene. It also captures the density of people, crowds and then as you pull up, the expanse of the surrounding landscape.

Pro Tip: sometimes we like to yaw the drone (spin) as we pull up. However, make sure you do this slowly or your audience will get vertigo really quickly!

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