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How to Add Music and Style to Your Video Slideshows

Our Video slideshow maker will set your photos to the beat of any music!

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How to add Music and Style to your Video Slideshows with the muvee Reveal Video Slideshow Maker


muvee Reveal Slideshow Maker offers plenty of amazing opportunities to customize and personalize your video slideshows at the touch of a button. It can even pick out faces and automatically zoom in on them!

To give your Slideshows that professional and well-put-together “look”, choose a “Style”. They are like editing templates which adds transitions, filters and text effects to your Slideshows and even cuts to the beat of any music you choose.


muvee Reveal Slideshow Maker

Choose a muvee Style to set the mood for your video slideshows.

Choose the Style to set the Mood you want

Do this by selecting the Style tab and scrolling through the various selections.

New Styles are easy to get – there are dozens to choose from, and all help set the tone and mood for your slideshow.

Get new Styles for your Slideshows now!

Previewing each Style

Once you have added the photos and videos to your Slideshow project, just choose any Style and hit play on the preview screen. Instantly get to see what each Style does to your slideshow!

Learn how to add photos to your slideshows in muvee Reveal.

Choosing your Own Music

Choosing the right background music track to complement the mood of your Video Slideshow is key. Every Style comes with a recommended music track which we have hand-picked to showcase the mood of that Style.

To preview the music track associated with a Style, select the Style and press Play.

If you have a favorite track in mind, simply hit “Change” and then “Add” to select your own.

Trimming the Music Track

Tip: Your friends and family like to watch shorter videos!

By default, muvee automatically fits your slideshow to the length of the music track.

However, you don’t have to use the entire music track. Perhaps, you just want the chorus? muvee lets you keep your muvee short by including a music trimming function. It knows to automatically fade in and fade out from the trims.


To change the length of the music track:

1) Select “Change” under the music track of the Style.
2) Then, drag the green tabs to the length of the clip that you want.

The Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns effect is built into muvee Styles by default. This effect pans and zooms across photos, giving it motion and life. This makes slideshows look even more like video.

Videos even at Full HD, are inherently lower resolution than even what the most basic digital photo cameras are capable of today. A Full HD (1980×1080) video is roughly equal to a 2.1 megapixel image. So don’t worry too much about the “megapixel” settings of your camera.

However, we recommend using the full resolution photos. This is because, due to the Ken Burns treatment, muvee may automatically zoom into faces and other areas of focus that it detects. This thus require a higher resolution so that areas that are zoomed into do not appear pixelated in your video slideshow.


Watch this video tutorial and learn how to add a Style to your Slideshows.


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