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Tell your Story by Adding Captions to your Slideshow

How to use the Captions and Titles Features in the muvee Slideshow Software

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Tutorial: How to add Captions and more to Photo Slideshows


Snippets of well written captions brings back memories as you watch a Photo Slideshow. It helps to tell a story, add color and context to each photo. This makes your slideshow even more compelling for your family and friends.

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how use Titles, Credits and Captions (also known as Subtitles) with the award-winning muvee Reveal slideshow maker.

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What are titles, credits and captions?

Titles and credits appear before and after your main content, just like in the movies!

Captions appear ON individual photos. Sometimes also known as Subtitles.

Adding Captions on Each Photo

Right-click on a photo in the Media Bar

After you have added all the photos and videos you want in your slideshow project, you can start to add captions to each photo.

Right-click on the photo, and select Caption.
Then, enter the text you want. Each Caption comes in a pair of Main Title and Sub Title. In each Style, they may look and behave differently. The Main-Title is typically larger than the Sub-title text. Font and font-sizes are set by the Style automatically to fit the mood, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Keep it short and to the point so viewers focus on the photo.


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Adding Titles and Credits

Titles appear at the beginning of your muvee, and credits shows up at the end, just like in a movies! This feature is very powerful when you use it to set up the mood, and give your slideshow movie an opening Title which tells your audience what they are about to watch. Is it your 10th Wedding Anniversary? Or memoirs of your Honeymoon, Birthday Party? 10-day Tour of Europe?

Credits are usually meant to give thanks to the people who made the movie possible. It can also be used to highlight everyone who was in the slideshow…everyone from mom, dad, bride to the family dog! If you are making a video about your business, you can add your company URL, address, or business hours.

Customizing your Titles

Select the “Personalize” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the muvee Reveal. Select “Title” in the top left corner


You’ll be presented with a number of options, including different fonts, font sizes, and you’ll even have the ability to choose a background image for your title.

You can choose to have a cinematic trailer type opening titles auto-created for you, or use the standard Title that is defined by the Style you have chosen. Whilst fonts and sizes etc are set by the Style, this is the place where you can overide these settings if you wish and set your own favorite font, colors or background image.

Customizing the Credits for your Slideshow

To personalize the Credits, select “Credits” from the Personalize menu, just as you did with titles.


There are loads of awesome fonts to choose from – make sure your font is readable, or it might prevent people from watching your muvee. Sometimes it helps to increase font size especially if your slideshow will be watched on an iPhone.

Make sure the font color contrasts with the background image, so people can read what you have written.

Keep Captions brief, and try to tell a story with multiple short phrases.

Now you are ready to Share your Slideshows Online!

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