5 Tips to Create Awesome Aerial Videos

Learn how to use Action Studio to create professional looking drone videos

The Reveal Shot – Dronies!

Standing on Trolltunga? Use an impressive jaw-dropping scene to begin your aerial movie. Try taking-off with the drone facing you in a tight shot, and then pull back and up to reveal the dramatic landscape that you are standing on. This one always get those “wowza” reactions from your audience!


Long Sweeping Shots

Aerial scenery videos always look good if you have sufficient long gliding shots of the landscape. Try it!

Introducing your Video

Use the beautiful titling templates to add that professional touch to your videos by introducing the location of your shoot. Even some pertinent information like map coordinates, wind conditions etc.

Speed vs Altitude

When you are flying high, things tend to move much slower. Use the Fast Motion feature to jazz things up a little. We sometimes like to use the multi-segment feature to increase the fast motion settings in steps to give variety.

The Orbit

Find yourself at a lighthouse by the coast? When filming structures and towers, we recommend doing an “orbit” shot where you circle the structure. This is a highly skilled piloting manoeveur as you need to fly sideways and yaw at a very controlled amount at the same time. Thankfully, many drone control apps have auto-pilot sequences to help you do that easily.

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