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Get the most out of your video editing software

Here are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your video software so you can make truly engaging videos that connect with your customers:

1. Spell things out

Viewers may not always understand what you’re trying to say. Maybe you’ve taught the dog how to say “beer, please”, so tell your audience what’s going on with a caption.

In short, captions, intertitles and text animation sequences can help your audience understand your video better.

2. Control video audio

Music drives your video, providing energy, while setting the mood and invoking emotion. However, sometimes it’s good to either boost or reduce music levels depending on what’s happening in your video.

With muvee Reveal, you can “Boost Audio” for individual clips. Highlight important moments without the distraction of background music.

3. Different fonts say different things

It’s a visual world now; everyone is an expert on typography and fonts, and so everyone expects a little sophistication when it comes to how words are presented. muvee Reveal offers a wide variety of fonts for every situation.

4. Brand your videos

Be sure to add your company logo to your videos to increase your brand awareness.

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