8 Reasons why you need to
make Videos for your business

The best thing you can do to boost your business today!

Showcase to over 1 Billion people each month


More than 1B users visit YouTube each month. You can easily segment and target them.

5 ways to increase YouTube views

Get a 100M strong sales force FREE!


Each week, over 100M people will like, share or comment on a YouTube video. If you don’t have videos for your business, this 100M-strong army of advocates are not talking about YOUR business!

Compete with the big boys



Your video on YouTube can reach more U.S. Adults in the 18-34 demographic than ANY cable network. Big advertising and media spend is not necessary if you regularly make fresh videos about your business.

Reach your customers’ mobile phones


In any single day, more than 500,000 videos are watched on mobile phones. How do you get your product or service on to the mobile screens of the masses?

Learn how to make mobile videos here

‘Cuz a little tweety bird
tweeted me…


In a single minute, over 500 tweets will contain a video link. Is that video about your business? Well, if you don’t have videos, then it never will be! If you already make great videos for your business.

Here are 5 tips to make them go viral.

Don’t just tell. Show them!


Consumers dig how-to videos. They want to be shown how, not just read about it in plain text or pictures. If a picture speaks a thousand words, videos are worth more than an entire novel about your business!

Learn how to make great how-to videos here

Make potential customers feel like they are there



So you run a pub, cafe, restaurant or cupcake stand? Consumers on Yelp! have consistently rated ambiance and vibe as important factors when they choose where to go. Give them a feel of what your business is like with video. Videos effectively capture and deliver the sound, light and feel of your charming space… And cupcakes! Who doesn’t like videos of cupcakes!

Music is a universal language


So you are in New York city where the world passes by your storefront every day. Lost in translation? Music videos have proven to transcend languages: a carefully chosen music track can convey your brand, energy and the love that you have imbued in your business.

The best thing you can do to boost your business today!
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