Getting Great Slomo Videos with GoPro

3 Tips to shoot with GoPro then edit with ReAction Slomo App

1. Getting the Settings Right.

GoPro cameras have a mind boggling array of possibilities. This can be a good thing if you know what you are doing but if like the rest of us, you just wanna get great videos for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram of your buddy tricking out on his BMX, then just do the following:

back HERO 5 bike jump

2. Resolutions and FPS-“Frames Per Second”

Resolution is the frame size of each frame of image in your video. 1080p actually means its 1980pixels wide x 1080 pixels tall. 4K is the latest and greatest, but no phone out there today supports editing in 4K yet, so if you intend to edit your GoPro vidoes on your phone, stay within 1080p. Afterall, most people can’t see the difference unless you put two similar quality TVs of the same size side by side.

FPS is the measure of how many frames of images the GoPro captures in one second of recording time. Go for the highest possible available to you. But don’t forget this number also affects what resolution you can get.

GoPro 4 settings

3. FOV

On the higher end GoPros like the Hero 5 and Hero 4+ Black Edition, you may get settings like SperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, Narrow. On lower end models like the Session, you only have a choice of Wide and Medium. This affects how wide a view, and hence how much of the scene is captured. To make great slow motion action shots, you want to focus on the subject as much as possible. So get something that is no narrow to medium. To add to the complexity, the higher FPS sometimes are only available in certain FOV modes.

GoPro Action Cams Slow mo

So we have gone through all the possible settings and tested them with our apps. Here’s the summary of our recommended settings to make sure you get awesome slow motion shots with your GoPro Camcorders. You dont’ necessarily need to follow these, but we know they work well.

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