Simple Tutorials for Making Better Holiday Videos

Show Off How You Spent the Holidays!

Holiday memories are meant to be shared and muvee Reveal makes it easier than ever to share those precious moments with family and friends. The look of delight when Suzy first sees her new bike or the shrieks of laughter (and horror) as the Christmas tree topples over and every holiday memory in between can be easily preserved with muvee Reveal. What holiday memories will you share this year?

Nothing says Christmas like the twinkle of holiday lights. They are beautiful in person and can be particularly stunning when properly photographed. Christmas lights can be a tricky photography subject.

To help you capture Christmas beauty this year, we have some tips for you.

How to make the best holiday videos

01. Experiment with Light

As the sun goes down and the night sky gets darker, try taking multiple shots. Soon, you’ll find the level of light that works best for your particular shot and for your unique photography style. Generally photos of Christmas lights look best before it is completely dark.

02.Use a Tripod

Longer exposures are important when shooting in low light conditions, so don’t forget your tripod. This will keep your shots steady and will help each light to look clear and crisp.

The clarity of each light might not seem important now, but as you start putting shots into muvee Reveal, you’ll be glad you made the extra effort.

03. Turn Off the Flash

The intense burst of light that a flash brings can quickly wash out the glow of Christmas lights, so you will want to photograph without a flash.

If you need more light, increase the exposure and keep the lens open longer to allow more light in.

Holiday Videos

04. Add Captions, Credits and Logos

Captions allow you to emphasize your holidays with short descriptions. Mention who’s house you’re spending the holidays at or prepare your viewers with what’s coming next!

Credits are a great way to acknowledge all those that lent a hand and made your muvee a success. Thank Mom for cooking up that delicious holiday feast or Aunt Mary for the cool gifts. Don’t forget to include a shout out to the best movie making software available- muvee Reveal!)

Logos are a great addition to any holiday video. You can add Christmas Trees, Santas or choose from over 250 stickers.

Don’t forget to check out the different holiday stylePacks we have from Winter Wonderland to Holiday Blessings.

05. Video Snapshots

Forgot to take a family photo? Fear not, if you don’t have a family photo from the holidays or even if you forgot to take a picture of your famous turkey dinner, there’s still hope! A new feature in muvee Reveal called “Video Snapshot” allows you to instantly capture frames from your video clips.

Just upload the video, find the right spot and click “Capture”!

06. Share

We make it super easy! Burn a DVD or upload it to YouTube and Facebook in just a few clicks. You can even save a copy to your phone or tablet for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Holiday Videos

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