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"This is the best software that I have found to do videos. Microsoft Movie Maker is so hard to work with. This takes all the guesswork out of it and the latest additions to Reveal are just what I was looking for."
Mary Fursemuvee user since 2006, Massachusetts

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With our smartphone cameras always in our pockets, its so easy to capture life’s precious magical moments. Don’t let these memories be stuck in your phone or SD-card. Put some photos together and make a home movie! Its a great way to bond with kids and nana through the years. Whether its a birthday party, play-date, graduation or college band performance, muvee Reveal helps you quickly and automatically create awesome home-movies to keep those family moments alive!

muvee Reveal is a simple but powerful home movie making software that empowers you to create emotionally charged, engaging, fun and memorable home movies that friends and family will appreciate (its been known to be a tear jerker too!).


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Cinematic Intelligence

muvee Reveal includes patented technologies which automatically edits videos and photo slideshows to the pace of music. muvee analyzes the music for the beats and its “Emotional Index”. We know if its a slow romantic intro of a ballad, or the rousing cadenza of the guitar solo in a rock track. Your muvee automatically keeps pace with the music.

Artistic Intelligence

The ingenuity of muvee’s automatic editing system includes the ability to adjust transition durations and strength of any color filter effects to the pacing and Style chosen for your home movie. Regardless of its settings, you always have control to adjust anything at all you want. Or, you can sit back and let it do the heavy lifting.

Removes Guesswork

muvee Reveal may be deceptively easy to use as it uses simple layman terms to describe technical concepts. Want to save for Facebook or YouTube? Don’t know what MOV or MP4 means? No problem. But if you do, there are always advanced controls for the geeks amongst you to choose file formats and even what codecs to use.

How to make the most of the Best Video Software for Home Movies

Radically Easy Home Movie Making

Discover how easy it really is to make your first Home Movie in moments. The hardest part is deciding which photos and videos to use! Lets take Three Simple Steps.

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Give your Home Movie a “Look” with Styles

Styles are the secret magic sauce that gives your home movie that professional “look” that is well put-together. Learn how to choose a Style with the right Music, and also how to trim your music track.

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How to add Titles and Captions

Tell your story by adding Titles (appears before the movie), Credits (appears after), and Captions (subtitles for each photo). Includes tips and tricks for highlighting specific parts of your video with Animated Captions.

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