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How to make Home Movies with Captions

Use Captions and Titles in your home movies with muvee Reveal

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"This is the best software that I have found to do videos. Microsoft Movie Maker is so hard to work with. This takes all the guesswork out of it and the latest additions to Reveal are just what I was looking for."
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Tell Your Story

Carefully worded and crafted Captions bring a whole new dimension to your home movie stories. These could be names of places, restaurants, or a funny quote. muvee Reveal makes Captions look professional with pre-designed entry and exit animations. It even chooses the font and sizes based on the Style used. So just sit back, and think of what to say!

Learn all about how to use Titles, Credits, and Captions to best effect.


Use Titles, Credits, and Captions to tell a story

Titles show up before the entire movie. Credits only show right at the end. Captions can be used on every single photo, and multiple segments of video.

Here’s a great example of using Titles, Credits, and Captions to tell a story. Notice how muvee has automatically summarized the best parts of the video.


come in two forms: the regular Text based titles and a Cinematic Trailer. In the regular Titles, its= comes with its own fonts settings and even the ability to choose a background image for the Title Slide (for example a stock photo of the Eiffel Tower for your Paris vacation).

Cinematic Titles

automatically picks 4 photos or video segments to use in a 15sec long introduction trailer automatically produced for you! You can customize it with several easy settings. Learn how to use this advanced feature in this video tutorial.


Captioned Videos always gets used!

While muvee automatically summarizes the best parts of your video, wherever you have included captions in any video segment, muvee automatically knows that they are important, and will ensure that it gets included in the final production.

To control this, simply add Captions in key places of your video.

Watch how to do that here.

Movie-making made simple — using video editing software has never been easier!
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