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Photo Slideshows are Boring; Create Video Tours that SELL

Here is Why you need to Make Real Estate Videos

We asked some of our Real Estate Professional and Lease Agent friends to tell us how video can help
them sell/lease and what they would need to make that happen.

Here’s what we found:

Simple photo tours are boring and don’t give prospective clients the full feeling of the space and can often be misleading. When buyers are coming from out of state or only have one chance to look at the space, 360 degree video can help answer questions after viewing.

How does muvee help:

With simple slideshow software it’s hard to add in notes and captions. When was the house built? How many square feet is the master bedroom? What’s the depth of the pool? With muvee Reveal Business’s Intertitles, Captions and room for text, this can eliminate long intro paragraphs.

Learn more about that here

How to make real estate videos

Many people would love to see aerial views to confirm property lines and potential problem landscape areas.
With the recent surge in drone use this can be incorporated in the the video experience.

How does muvee help:

We’ve created software specifically for action cams and drones so that videos can be quickly edited and stabilized.
Include that HD aerial footage for a complete 360 view of the property! Seeing is believing when it comes to buying a house.

Learn more about drone videos here

Agent contact, information, logos, and pricing can often go undiscovered or overlooked. We need to interested parties to be able to find us quickly and easily.

How does muvee help:

One click features in muvee Reveal Business let you add in your logo as well as include your contact info and address of your featured property.

Learn more about those features here

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