Unique places to mount a GoPro for various activities

Tips on how to get that awesome perspective view with your GoPro

The small size of Action Cams like the GoPro, Contour, iON, Kodak Pixpro, Polaroid Cube+

gives us loads of latitude to achieve super interesting perspectives which haven’t been available to consumers until recently.

Depending on what mounting accessories you have and use, here are some cool ideas on where to mount your GoPro to create amazing views for various scenarios. 


ONE: Mount it outside the door pointing at the wing-mirror.
The wide-angle lens will capture both the front side view of the journey, and also, a cool “picture-in-picture” effect of the rear view mirror.

TWO: Mount on top of the SUV
so that the edge of the roof can be seen. This gives perspective of the speed you are driving at.

THREE: Mount it just behind the front wheel,
so that you can see it turn, bump and the dust that it kicks up. Be ready to have to thoroughly clean your GoPro after that!


ONE: Use a head-mount, and have it pointing slightly down
so that you just about see your feet if you took a large stride. This will be great if you are standing on the edge of a cliff. It gives your viewers vertigo, like they are about to also “fall over” the edge.

TWO: Mount it on your hiking pole.

This doubles as a selfie stick and also helps to capture drone like shots when you lift it high above you and it captures the team hiking uphill. You will get shots that look like you have a follow-me drone hovering above you at just 12ft above ground.


For the Swim, try using an extended arm and mounting it on a belt and turn it backwards.
Make sure the camera is pointing UP towards the back of your neck when you are standing upright. So that when you are swimming and horizontal, it will be be just below the water surface and occasionally bobbing up above to capture the horizon and your arms crawling forward.

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