Make Stunning Photo Slideshows with music

Follow these 6 steps to quickly make marketing videos to promote your photography business

How to create a Photo Slideshow with music in 6 steps

1. Grab your best images. And make them dance.

“My potential clients don’t want to browse through tons of images on my site. So I use muvee to make short elegant slideshows. I love how my images seem to dance to the music track I choose. Whether its a wedding or a bar mitzvah, muvee always makes them come alive to the music!”

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2. Use well produced (and legal) music.

“These days you can’t be too careful about the music that you use with your work. muvee for Business comes with licensed music tracks that I can use on YouTube without having my videos removed or flagged. Now I can sleep well at night knowing I won’t wake up to a huge royalties bill!”

3. Give your slideshow the Cinematic Ken Burns look.

“When I first started, I used frustrating slideshow making software which required me to set the pan and frame in every single photo. Then I discovered muvee. The magicSpot feature actually automatically detects faces in the photos and then pans and zooms gracefully to the music! The manual pan and zoom settings are there when I need them too.”

4. Use Full HD when you Share.

“I take photos in very high resolution on my Nikon, and I don’t like how many cheap cloud companies make slideshows in only 720p HD. That’s like taking photos with a 1 megapixel camera! I like how muvee supports the full 1080p HD and lets me upload to Vimeo and YouTube directly.”

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5. Put a Watermark
on every Image.

“I am nervous about putting my digital work out there as I have learned the hard way it’s easy to rip, even from YouTube. So I always make sure to put my logo on my slideshows. With muvee for Business, I can do this in just two clicks! I can even make it a little transparent to showcase the photo in its entirety, similar to the professional watermarks you see on Corbis or Getty.”

6. Make sure potential clients can contact you right from the Slideshow.

“One tip: Always put your phone number and website on the bottom of the video like on a news ticker tape. Not everyone will be viewing your slideshow on your website. My work gets shared everywhere and this ensures my contact details travel with my photos.”

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