How to easily Share Videos Online

Learn how to share your video creations online quickly using muvee Reveal

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Now that you’ve made your muvee, you have to make sure your friends and family can actually watch it!
Luckily sharing video files online with muvee Reveal is incredibly easy to do, with plenty of advanced options.

Sharing Videos online with muvee Reveal

Saving your muvee

Click the “Save muvee” button. After that, simply choose how you will share that muvee. This determines what file format and sizes to save them in. Don’t worry, muvee automatically takes care of that!

Decide how you will want to view your muvee production; on a PC, Mac computer, Smartphone or share them on Facebook and YouTube? Once you choose this, muvee Reveal then automatically uses the latest codecs and methods to save your video file in a format suitable for these display devices or destinations.

Don’t forget: If you click File/Save in the top menu, this saves the muvee Reveal Project files. These are stored in an “RVL” format which is only understood by muvee Reveal. The Project files are not to be confused with the muvee video file. A Project merely remembers all the parameters of your project, like what files are used, styles used, music, any captions and titles you have typed into the project. It does not actually contain the photos and videos you used in your production!

Have questions? Look at this step-by-step tutorial for creating a muvee.

Video File Formats

There are a lot of different file formats to save your muvee production video.

muvee Reveal movies can be exported to Facebook, YouTube, DVD, mobile devices, and custom video file formats including .WMV, .MOV, .MPG, .AVI, and .MP4. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what the implications are of each file type. Here’s a handy cheat sheet that should provide you with a primer.

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