Shoot Amazing Slo-Mo Videos

3 Tricks to getting professional looking shots

FPS vs 4K

Understand what is FPS and what is resolution and use the highest setting available.


Try to position yourself so that your subject is not lost in a sea of other people moving around.

Good Light

Faster shutter speeds and higher frame rates need more light to get a good shot.

What is FPS?

FPS Stands for “Frames Per Second”. Moving pictures are made up of single images being shown very quickly at usually 30 frames per second.

If you captured 60 frames of an action shot in one second, and later play it back at 30 frames per second on a standard video player, your 60 frames of content will take twice as long to playback, which means you have essentially gotten a 2X slow motion effect!

240fps-60fps skate jump

GoPro and Action Cam Shooting Modes

Many of the latest GoPro and Sony Action Cam cameras support an amazing array of video capturing profiles. Its often a trade-off between resolution (stuff like 720p, 1440p, 1080p, 2K, 4K) and FPS (24, 30, 60, 120, 240 FPS). This is because to capture (say) 240 frames each second will mean that an immensely huge amount of data is being created each second. And if you had to capture that amount of frames at a high resolution, then at some point, the circuitry in that tiny camera is simply not able to keep up with the deluge of data hence you will notice if your camera supports 720p at 120fps, it will probably only support 1080p at 30fps (since 1080p video is roughly 3X larger than 720p)

We recommend always going for a high FPS setting, but balanced with a good-enough resolution, depending on where you want to share it. If you are making a Film Festival entry, you might need 2K or 4K. But if you are shooting for your Instagram feed, then a 720p video at a high FPS will get you better slomo effects than a 1080p video at 30FPS.

GoPro and Sony Action Cams

iPhone Slow Motion

In the iPhone, there is a slow motion mode in your default camera. This captures at frame rates higher than the standard 30. muvee ReAction supports videos captured by iPhone.

See how to use the iPhone to capture amazing slomo videos with ReAction.

Tip: Do NOT save or share the slow motion video first before editing them in ReAction. Doing so will “flatten” the slow motion video, removing all the extra frames which you do not need.

Slow-mo iphone 7

Backgrounds and Crowds

To get the best slomo effects on your subject, try to position yourself so that your subject is not lost in the crowd! When making slow motion videos, everything in the video becomes slow motion. And this can distract the viewer from the action of the subject. Unless you are using an SLR camera with shallow depth of field which can blur out the background, action camcorders like the GoPro and Sony Action Cams have very wide angle lens which takes in a lot.

Tip: In GoPro cameras, you are often able to set the FOV (Field of View) of the camera to Narrow, Medium and Wide. For getting the best slo-mo video shots, we highly recommend using the Narrow FOV setting. So that you only focus on the subject.

FOV video settings

Let there be Light!

When shooting in a high FPS setting, you are asking alot of the camera: it has to capture so many frames of the action very very quickly. This means that it can only admit that much light for any single frame before it has to record the next frame. So make sure you are in a well lit area for best results.

Its often okay to shoot “into the light” where you might end up getting a silhouette of your subject instead. This is okay and often makes for very artistic effects when done in slow motion. But if you do this, then making sure there are as little distractions as possible in the background is paramount!

Get out there with your GoPro and start making some amazing shots! Then comes back and import them via wifi into ReAction. Depending on the action, you will definitely find a Speed Profile that brings out that X factor in your video.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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