4 way to get stable videos from your Action Cams

Chickens, Camera Mounts and Video Stabilization Software


You got a new GoPro or Sony Action Cam. Good for you. After mounting it on your surfboard and riding the waves, you realize your video looks like the Blair Witch Project. Now you wonder why most amateur action cam videos on YouTube induces nausea? One word: Stabilization, dude. (ok, that’s two)


So how do you get stable videos when you are in the thick of the action? Whether it’s mounted on your MTB, Skateboard or Surfboard, shaky videos are just not easy on the eyes. Wonder how the production team at the RedBull YouTube channel does it? Thankfully, we know several ways to reduce the shake and rattles for action cam videos.


Here are 4 ways to a stable action cam video that we approve.


Mount your camera on a Chicken

Yes, you heard that right. Chickens have an uncanny ability to keep their heads steady. Watch this video if you don’t believe us!

Warning: no chickens were harmed in the making of this video. (we think)

Bite your GoPro

Yes, if you don’t have a chicken, use your own head. Notice how when you dance, you don’t get floppy? Thats because your spine and neck are able to keep your head steady for the most part. While we are not quite as flexible as our feathered friends, this video will show you that it works wonders!

More information here: http://petapixel.com/2014/02/23/tip-stabilize-gopro-videos-using-face/

Use a Stabilization Rig

If you have some extra cash, bling out your GoPro with these stabilizer mounts. Any serious action cam filmmaker will want to invest in one of these: http://store.freeflysystems.com/ or http://www.luuv-is-awesome.com/ or go ahead and fund one of these guys.

But if you have already shot the video, then realize it’s too shaky, then you need to use image stabilization software like muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer to stabilize your videos.

Not all Video Stabilization Software are made equal

Video stabilization software works in various ways to correct shaky videos after they are shot. In filmmaking, Hollywood and broadcast professionals typically use software that can cost a few thousands of dollars while running on workstations and render farms to stabilize just a few minutes of video. We went out to license one such engine from the Pro world and built our own video stabilization software, muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer around it.


Optimized for Action Cams

Full support for MOV and MP4 formats in Full HD, with Action-Cam-friendly extras like a video trimmer and video rotate.

Stabilizes in all 6 degrees of motion

It’s the only consumer priced software that stabilizes in all 6 translations and rotations. Afterall, when you are in full adventure mode, who knows what gravity (or the lack of) will throw at you? Why do I need 6 degrees of stabilization?

Rolling Shutter Correction

We understand CMOS sensors intimately. After all we developed the world’s first video editor for a camera with Nikon in 2006. Turbo Video Stabilizer already includes state-of-the-art CMOS “Rolling Shutter” correction to remove those jello and slanted effects when you shoot videos while moving quickly (like in your car or on a bike). Read the science here.

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