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How does image stabilization fix shaky videos and remove the jello effects?

What is Video Stabilization?

One of the most obvious differences between professional and amateur level video is the quality of camera motion; hand-held amateur video is typically shaky and undirected, while professionals use careful planning and equipment such as dollies or steadicams to achieve directed motion and stable videos. Such hardware is impractical for many situations, so digital video stabilization software is a widely-used and important tool for fixing shaky videos; especially from hand-held cellphones, digital Point-and-Shoot and Point-Of-View cameras which are much lighter and hence more susceptible to unwanted shakes.

There are several techniques to achieve video image stabilization. Video stabilization software typically works in three stages: camera motion estimation, motion smoothing or low-pass filtering, and video image warping. Here are the different approaches and state of the art in the world video stabilization software.

3D Stabilization

Three dimensional video stabilization software techniques are the most advanced techniques used today in professional grade video editing software suites. These techniques best mimic the actual range of motion of a mounted camera on a moving object over rough terrain, such as your GoPro camera mounted on your race car or mountain biking helmet.

The muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer software uses a revolutionary 3D video stabilization engine which independently models the X, Y and Z camera axes and also analyzes the pitch, yaw and rotational moments in the camera motion. Its not only highly accurate, its also smart enough to know if a camera pan is intended, and hence does not over-compensate. What this means is that it strikes a balance between time consuming digital video stabilization calculations and the best video stabilization outcome for post-capture video images.

muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer also improves your material by smoothing irregular pan or zoom shots. With all 3 camera axes stabilized, a far higher success rate in the detection of unwanted movements is obtained resulting in steady clips, removal of camera shake effects, jolts, jellos and trembling from recorded video sequences.

Last but not least, a post-production video stabilization treatment is ideal as it can be used anywhere, anytime and with almost any video, compared to in-device solutions. muvee Turbo Video Stabilization is the best digital video stabilization software for today’s active lifestyle and point of view cameras that go where no cameras have ever gone before.

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