Cut to the Clip!

Instant Quality Loss. Instant Video Trimming

“So I got the free Cineform Studio software from GoPro and want to cut out a 15 second segment of my son on his bike for YouTube…but it’s part of a 1 hour long video. I had to wait an hour to do this in Cineform? That’s nuts! Can’t I just…Cut?”

“Oh how I wish I could just take scissors and cut up my SD Card of videos! Why is cutting video so difficult?!”

“Went skiing for the first time last season with my new Hero3. Mounted it on my helmet, turned it on. Big mistake. I now have several hour-long files. I know there are at least 10 good jumps in there, but they are hidden among tons of footage of me waiting for the lift.”

We hear you. That’s why we built Turbo Video Cutter. It does just ONE THING.

Quickly. Cleanly. Smoothly.

What’s the big deal about cutting video?

Video files store an astronomical amount of information. Every second of a 1080P HD Video is basically 30 images equivalent to a 2.1 megapixel photo. If you shoot in the slow motion 120FPS mode on the GoPro, thats 120 images each second! By screening 30 images at a time, the human eye stops seeing the change and it looks like continuous motion. (Remember those flip cartoon books when you were a kid?) But if you have super motion in the videos (like Schumacher zipping past in his F1 car), you might start to see slight discontinuities. That’s why some players will playback video at 60 frames per second.

So to compress all that data into file formats like H264 or MPEG4, video compressors will find similarities between images and only save one copy of all similar pixels, instead of all 30 copies for every single pixel. It then stores the similarity and difference information into “frames” which are kept in “file containers”. Think of file containers as a bento lunch box. File containers have compartments for various things like the video frames, the audio stream and other file header information along with pockets of space for the camera profile, filename and file-size information.

This means that if you cut a video file literally down the middle, you may not know what that particular frame or image is supposed to look like since it only tells you how different it is from the last frame!

Therefore a lot of software out there needs to “decompress” and re-construct the video before being able to do anything with it. This takes time. Which means 10 minutes of video may take from 2 to 10 minutes to decompress. That’s why with most video trimming applications, even if all you want is the middle 30 seconds from an hour video file, you still need to unpack the entire 1 hour video and then re-compress that 30 seconds that you want. That could be an 1 hour long process!

Turbo Video Cutter is the Fastest Video Cutter. How and Why?


We have found a way to totally skip the step of opening up and decompressing the video so we don’t have to compress it again later! Nothing gets messed up. Pristine quality video every time. Done instantly.



We cut our teeth working on mobile applications for companies including HTC, Samsung and LG. We know how to deal with large video files in an efficient manner working off tiny phone processors and memory. From our work in mobile, we learned how to cut video files without having to decompress them. It’s like keyhole surgery; we go into the tangled mess of bits and bytes that make up a video file to tease out that 30 seconds of video you want and save it as a new file.


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