How to Stabilize Drone Videos

3 Ways to Get Stable Videos for all Budgets

Over here at muvee we really dig drones. Afterall, mankind has always wanted to fly, and now we can see the world from above for as little as $500. But unless you have no wind, hands as steady as a surgeon, or a very expensive gimbal, you know that your videos are going to be a little shaky.

Drone videos need to be stabilized, or they will give you a headache.

Flying objects like remote control drones move around space, so you need to stabilize your video from all 3 axes and 6 degrees of motion and rotation. This includes your X, Y, Z axes (up-down, right-left, forward-backwards) and Pitch, Roll, Yaw (tilting forward, tilting sideways, and spinning about the middle).


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3 Ways to get Stable Videos from Drones

#1 Vibration Isolation Mounts

This is your cheapest option if you haven’t started filming. Mount your camera on a mount like this one we use for our in-house Drone.

This simple device isolates the vibrations from the drone’s camera by suspending the camera on a carbon fibre plate that is only attached to the drone via 4 soft rubber bungs.

If, like our CEO, you were caught out in the desert with no access to Amazon or a hobby store and want to film the Bryce Canyon tomorrow, you could improvise with two plastic cards (think frequent flyer cards or hotel keycards).

#2 Video Stabilization Software

Stabilization software for videos corrects shaky videos after they were shot. It uses software algorithms that first analyze all the shakes and rattles in your video. This is very complex technology and usually found in the broadcast world of Hollywood and TV. We licensed the best we could find from the professional market, and put it into a consumer-friendly application. Then we made it suitable for drone and action cam users. It even has a video rotate feature for those times you mount your GoPro upside down under your drone. We call it Turbo Video Stabilizer.

Key Features:

Optimized for Drones
and POV Cams

Full support for MOV and MP4 formats in full HD with friendly extras like a video rotate function.

Stabilizes in all 6 degrees
of motion in 3 axes

This monster analyzes the motion in your videos in all 3 dimensions and 6 degrees of motion and rotations. Why do I need 6 degrees of stabilization?

Rolling Shutter Correction

POV Cameras like the popular GoPro Action cams use CMOS sensors to record video. This technology gives certain “jello” effects when capturing fast moving objects. Find out more about the technology here.

#3 Gimbals

Gimbals are camera mounts that have their own freedom of rotation so that even if your drone is listing forward, you don’t lose sight of the horizon. Gimbals come in 2D and 3D options. 2D Gimbals only allow a forward-backward tilt and left-right tilt. The 3D options will even allow a rotate or scanning motion, so that you can take in a panoramic shot without turning the aircraft.

Gimbals come in various prices, but usually start in the low hundreds of dollars. Such devices will come with their own vibration dampening and isolation contraptions, so that any drone vibration is reduced and less evident from the video that you capture.

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