Shooting and Creating Storytelling Drone Videos

Learn how to shoot and edit drone stories using Titles and Captions and elegant Transitions

Titles Titles Titles

We really dig the beautiful title animations in Action Studio. It is really useful when you want to make a documentary style video of your travels, school project, or simply a weekend outing with the kids. Watch this example of a volcano climb our CEO did!

Using the Stick

Yes, the dreaded selfie stick or GoPole is really useful if you want to get in the face of someone without getting into the field of view of the camera, especially if you are using ultra wide angle cameras like the GoPro.

Choosing Music

For documentaries, the music bed is very important. We like to use uplifting, inspirational type orchestral scores to drive home the importance of the message. Or sometimes its just to make the video that much more “grand” and “larger than life”.

shooting documentary style videos


We have deliberately kept the transitions on Action Studio simple and classy. No star wipes please, thank you!


Here are a few tips on what to use:

When you are changing scenes or location, or a new “story”, professionals swear by using the Fade Thru Black. [icon]
To smoothen out scene changes (but in the same locale/storyline) use the elegant dissolve. [icon]
An alternative to the Face Thru Black is the Fade Thru White [icon].


We use this when the scene is outdoors and very bright. Like walking in a sulphur cloud, or falling in the surf or a ski wipe out and your camera is awash in pure white powerdery snow. You get the drift.


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