Set the stage with a Timelapse

Timelapses are a great way to set the stage for a venue, or to quickly tell the story of something that takes a far longer time to occur. (Like your sisters setting up a tent at the campsite, or the sun setting over the mountains.)

GoPro has a timelapse mode
which allows you to capture timelapses in set intervals and then get a video file as the output.

Learn how to capture Timelapses on a GoPro

Sony Action Cams approach timelapse capture in a more professional way:
it captures images instead, and then you can stitch them together using the free Action Cam App. [iOS, Android] What’s really cool about using the Action Cam App to make timelapses is that it allows you to produce cinematic effects like pans and zooms, which makes a very professional looking timelapse.

Once you have your timelapse video ready, simply toss it into Action Studio
and trim it accordingly to add to your storyline. If your timelapse is too slow, speed it up in the slomo-fastmo feature of Action Studio. You can even set different speeds for different segments of your timelapse clip!

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