How to make Unforgettable Vacation Videos

6 Simple Tips to Keep the Fun Going!

So you’re back from your annual family vacation and you have an SD card full of images, your kids have hours of GoPro footage from attempting to learn to surf, and the grandparents may have taken a few good shots on their iPhone (heads may be cut off and eyes may be closed, but hey, they tried!). You have a few options

Sift through the hundreds of photos and pick a few to put in a Facebook album.

Buy a new SD card and get around to it later and let the kids deal with their own video clips.

Dust the sand from your camera, upload those photos and video clips and start creating vacation magic in 3 steps!

01.Where to start to make the perfect vacation video?

First, download the 15 day free trial of muvee Reveal here and install it.

Then load your photos and videos from the multiple devices to muvee Reveal. See below on how to take those GoPro videos and trim them into clips you want to use. Easily arrange the order you want photos and clips to appear by dragging and dropping directly in the storyboard. Pick a Style. A Style has all the transitions and effects built in. We’ve even paired each one with music that fits the emotion of the Style. There is a Style for every kind of vacation, from action packed to calm and relaxing. Then you simply press PLAY and muvee will create a video with all your media synced to the beat of the music.

02.How to Trim GoPro Videos Down to Size

So you just shredded down a double black diamond, or dominated the waves of the North Shore. Or perhaps you were just splashing about with the kids in the pool. And you’ve got it all down on your GoPro. But you only want to share parts of that video. After all, nobody really wants to see your face in the lens saying “did I hit Record?” Well we created Turbo Video Cutter for that. Highlight your segment, mark it, and trim it down immediately. Save the desired clips and upload them directly into muvee Reveal. EASY!

Download a free trial of Turbo Video Cutter here.

03.How to Personalize your vacation video

You can certainly upload your photos and videos, chose a Style, press Play and let us work our magic (you won’t be disappointed), but we also give you endless options for personalizing your vacation video if you want to spice things up. Here are a few features you should check out:


Use Graffiti to enhance your photos. Add a sticker, choose a frame or emblazon a bold caption across your favorite shots. Over 250 options to chose from!


Emphasize those moments with Headlines and Subtext! You don’t have to worry about what fonts or animations to use. The Style will choose something that fits nicely.


With magicSpot, we automatically zoom in on faces but you can manually control that pan and zoom if your focus is elsewhere! Zoom in on the man jumping in Rome’s Trevi Fountain in the background or pan from the tip of the pyramid to the base! You choose the best part of the photo!

Watch the tutorial on how to use magicSpot

04.Tell a Story Using Chapters

Many users like to use the Intertitle feature to split their vacation videos up by either places, or days. That way, your viewers get a better sense of time and place.

05.Make it Rock!

Dramatize your vacation with our blockbuster style Trailers! Grab 4 distinctive moments or photos, type in who you were with then sit back and enjoy a professionally created trailer of your vacation video!

Here’s how.

06.How to Share

We make it easy- it’s just a click! Burn a DVD for the Grandparents (they still don’t understand email), take it viral and upload it to YouTube, share with friends and family on Facebook or even save a copy on your iPhone (including the latest iPhone 6 Plus and new iPads) for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

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