muvee Happy Pledge

muvee is made up of happy people doing things to make others happy.

We believe that if we keep ourselves happy, we can make you happy.

We set out in 2002 to make video making easy for everyone. But video is inherently a complicated thing (afterall, we have over 25 patents!)

Even though we have been doing this since 2002, there will still be hardware variants, driver updates and new bugs that trip us up as we constantly innovate and deliver new features and technology. We never stop innovating and debugging!

However, one thing will never change
…and that’s our Happy Pledge:

We strive to make you happy with our products and services. You will always deal with happy people at muvee.

We will always be fair and reasonable.

Products made with love and pride – we test everything to the best of our abilities.

Easy updates – our products are made to check for updates and fixes and self update if you allow it.

Easy upgrades – all previous versions qualify for discounted upgrades at our upgrade center.

Free support. All the time. Everytime. (but to stay happy, we give our customer support engineers weekends off to spend time with their families, just like you!)

30 Day Money back guarantee. Any day, no questions asked. Even if it’s a dreary, foggy day in San Francisco.

Even after 30 days, if you’re not happy for good reason and still want a refund, just ask nicely (but please don’t do it after 2 years; for us to be happy, we need to be paid for our labor of love too!)

Thank you so much for your help in fixing my problem! It really helped a lot to have the remote access so I didn't have waste time trying to explain what my problem was. I do truly appreciate your swift response to my problem. THANK YOU!
Amy Lask, Facebook fan
Just got off line with tech support! I am up and running. Patrick was great! Life is good!
Pam Jackson, Facebook fan
If you have any problem with software, you can contact TECHNICAL SUPPORT where you get a FAST answer. Technical Support really cares for their customers! Their Goal is to make you happy with your slide shows and movies.
Gonzalo Cabra, muvee user
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