Video Summary

Enables you to “Print” a Video Summary

muvee invented Smart automatic video editing for the PC in 2001. This required analysis of the video for similarities, scene segments, human faces and motion vectors to enable an automatic video editor to select the best scenes to summarize a long video.

Traditionally, this is too CPU intensive on mobile and HD videos. So we adapted and created a Fast Mobile version of our intelligent video analyzer which is able to cluster similar scenes and create a summary of the video with either short clips or simply a couple of thumbnails per scene.

  • Gallery Experience: Fast scrubbing of videos, show key thumbnails so that users can quickly see what each video is about other than a single static thumbnail.
  • Printing: Find and print important key frames in 4K videos (photobook/photo print shops).
  • Automatic Summary Video: Engine creates a short summary of each video by using key parts of videos which tells the entire story of the video, removing similar scenes, highlight ones with faces etc.
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