video editing software for small businesses

Video Editing Software For Small Businesses

If you own a small business or work for one and are looking to showcase what you do, look no further! They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth much more. Here are a … Read More

you asked, we answered: Volume 1

You Asked, We Answered: Volume 1

As an effort to continually improve our Customer Service, we will be starting a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Our hope is that you will find the solutions to your issues more effortlessly. Question: Why are my photos … Read More

video editing software for real estate agents and leasing professionals

Video Editing Software for Real Estate Agents and Leasing Professionals

If you’ve ever looked at a listing for a property online or attempted to find more information, typically you get a few images in a slideshow without the facts you really need. muvee has been helping Real Estate Agents create … Read More

halloween with muvee's video editing software

Halloween with muvee’s Video Editing Software

What’s more delightful than a chocolate bar stolen from your favorite Trick-or-Treater’s bag? A Halloween slideshow made with muvee’s video editing software of course! Instead of sneaking candy this year, create a photo and video slideshow your whole family will … Read More

Troubleshooting professional video editing software

Troubleshooting Professional Video Editing Software

Nothing is more frustrating than software that isn’t working like you expected. But, don’t worry, we’ll help you find the problem. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips you can try if you ever have trouble using our professional video editing … Read More

Are you getting the most out of your video creator software

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Video Creator Software?

A common mistake when making video slideshows is to put lots of thought into the actual slideshow and almost none into the showcasing of the slideshow once it’s complete. The way you present your creation can have just as much … Read More

5 tips for making internet marketing videos people will watch

5 tips for making internet marketing videos people will watch

Are you making internet marketing videos? Here are some tips: Get to the point and keep it short Did you know that viewers give a video just 15 seconds max before either deciding to watch? There are so many distractions … Read More

3 hilarious sketch comedy videos made with professional video editing software

3 Hilarious Sketch Comedy Videos Made with Professional Video Editing Software

Are you ready for some laughs? These hilarious sketch comedy videos are sure to leave you chuckling. The quality varies from video to video. They are all funny, but those made with professional video editing software are certainly more enjoyable … Read More

3 ways professional video editing software can save your business

3 Ways Professional Video Editing Software Can Save Your Business

Times are tough right now for many business owners. The economy is still struggling and people are cutting back on what they spend. This makes it all the more important to get your business message out there. Muvee’s professional video … Read More

Use Professional Video Editing Software to Educate Your Audience

Creating tutorial videos can be a wonderful way to build brand recognition, to expose new customers to your business and to grow your online presence. Check out how these bloggers and website creators are using video and professional video editing … Read More