5 Essential tips to making the perfect summer vacation video

Shooting footage for your perfect summer vacation video is so much easier now than ever before. A decade ago, you had to lug around a stand alone video camera, which probably used some sort of a tape (probably miniDV). It … Read More

muvee School: Motion

muvee School: Motion

This is our last instalment of muvee School: SLAM! Today, we’re going to be focusing on movement and give you tips on how to maintain a steady shot. Here are some ways you can incorporate movement while filming a stagnant … Read More

muvee School:Angles

muvee School: Angles

Welcome to our third installment of muvee School! The ‘A’ in SLAM stands for Angles. Angles really help tell your story so explore different ways you can get creative! Here are some tips: Establishing Your Shot- Determine how to frame … Read More

muvee School:Light

muvee School: Light

The second installment of muvee School is the ‘L’ in SLAM, which stands for light. Lighting in videos are very important and can be quite tricky, so let’s take a look: Things to take note of: Don’t point your camera … Read More

muvee School: Sound

muvee School: Sound

We are so excited to finally announce our newest series, muvee School! This is a four part installment on the most basic (but important) tips when it comes to shooting video. To make things easy to remember, we came up … Read More

video editing 101 ebook

Video Editing 101 eBook

Are you new to video editing? If so, you’ve come to the right place to get started! Here at muvee, we have put together a handy eBook for all video newbies to learn the basics when it comes to video … Read More

summer inspirations

Summer Inspiration I

Summer is right around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on ways you can share your favorite summer moments! Here are some key features on muvee Reveal 11 that you can use to enhance your video: … Read More

how to create a graduation reel

How To Create A Graduation Reel

It’s graduation season, can you believe it? I’m sure it wasn’t long ago that your little one started their first day of school. Whether they are graduating elementary school, middle school, high school or even college this year, here are … Read More

Give mom a personalized gift this mother's day

Give Mom a Personalized Gift This Mother’s Day

This year, show your mom how much you appreciate her with a personalized gift. Use muvee Reveal 11 to put together a movie that showcases all the memories of mom over the years. The best part is that it’s quick … Read More

video editing software for real estate agents and leasing professionals

Video Editing Software for Real Estate Agents and Leasing Professionals

If you’ve ever looked at a listing for a property online or attempted to find more information, typically you get a few images in a slideshow without the facts you really need. muvee has been helping Real Estate Agents create … Read More