Movie editing software for everyone

Create effortless Pro-looking muvees

For Home and Business

Turn photos and video clips into professional looking movies automatically!
Tell your story easily with muvee’s smart patented cinematic software.

muvee Reveal Encore

Make stories come alive in 3 steps. Turn your photos and videos into a beautifully crafted movie.

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muvee Reveal Encore Business

Create a fully licensed business video in minutes. Don’t just tell customers what you do. Show them.

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Wedding Pictures & Slideshows

Enhance your wedding pictures; fix tint, lighting, remove noise, red eyes, even beautify faces by whitening teeth, removing blemishes and getting rid of under eye bags. Then use them to automagically create Pro-looking Slideshows perfectly synced to the beat of the music.

For Action Cam Junkies

Cut HD GoPro videos instantly with zero quality loss and stabilize shaky videos in one click.
Purpose-built software that does just one thing super fast and super well in a few simple clicks.

muvee Turbo Video Cutter

Cut lengthy Action Cam and GoPro videos into manageable clips. Focus on the money shot and upload to YouTube or Facebook directly. Get to the action quickly by simply marking the start and end points, and hit “Trim” and the clip is saved instantly with zero quality loss. This video trimming software is a must-have tool for GoPro users. Highlight your segment then trim it down immediately. It really is that easy. 

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muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer

The most advanced 3-Axes Video Stabilization Software for Consumers. Remove shaky videos, jitters and rolling-shutter jellos from your Action Cam movies like a Pro.

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Movie editing software for iOS and Android

Powerfully portable video editing tools for when you’re on the go! Before you can say “apres ski!”, your highlight action videos are ready for YouTube!
All the essential video tools you need to have in your pocket.

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