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muvee Reveal Encore for Business

Now you Promote your business with videos. Just like the big guys.

Award-winning video editing software for small business

Why the fastest growing SMBs use muvee Reveal to make videos?

We created software to help you make loads of awesome videos quickly.

muvee Reveal for business success stories

Transform your business, promote your brand with your own content

Add Captions, include one of our more than 1,700 licensed tunes and of course Brand it with your logo.

Use video to boost your brand

Videos have the ability to build brand awareness as well as drive traffic, share your videos on any platforms to gain more exposure.

Attract more traffic and get more views

YouTube videos receive 4 billion views every day, and this number is increasing all the time. Savvy businesses can take advantage of this popularity to send viewing customers their way.

Licensed to chill

Stay out of trouble by adding to your promotional videos music from our over 1,700 licensed tunes selection, 100% success 0% worries.


muvee Reveal Encore Business is quicker than cloud services. It lets you work with large video files efficiently, so you can finish the job faster and save valuable time.

muvee Reveal for business success stories


DIY isn’t just more cost effective than hiring a pro—it’s more rewarding. For under $500, you have the tools and creative control to bring your vision to life.

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muvee Reveal for business success stories


Choose your Style, add your logo, and include your own messaging. Now you can create a powerful marketing tool that’s custom-branded for your business.

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You can use videos and photos captured on any device, incorporate sophisticated editing techniques that cut to the beat of any song you select, and finish in minutes what used to take hours.

muvee Reveal for business success stories


Need edits from traveling co-workers or approval from your out-of-office boss? No problem—muvee was made for groups on the move. Zip up the content into a single file, then continue where you left off from another PC.

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