muvee Action Studio

The only Android app that lets you Split, Trim, Cut and Combine video clips right on your phone.

Fast Mode

From Action Videos to Highlight Reels. Lightning Fast.

Users can quickly and easily edit their videos and even add speed ramp effects to specific moments. Then instantly save and share. Using a Compressed Domain editing technology, HD and 4K videos can be produced with zero quality loss.

Why Fast Mode?

Have you shot amazing videos that you want to put together and share immediately? Use Fast Mode.

You can trim, split, cut and combine your video clips, add slow motion sequences, and even blend in a music track. Exporting in Fast Mode is wicked fast because we use our proprietary technology to perform all these functions without having to transcode or decompress your videos.

Note: All video clips have to be of the same resolution (e.g. 720p or 1080p). The output video will be the same resolution as your input videos.

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