muvee ReAction

Professional Slow Motion Videos


Introducing muvee ReAction 2.0

A new and improved version of ReAction that includes brand new features and additional Speed Profiles.
Professionally designed fast and slow motion Speed Profiles to use for multiple speed segments, crisp quality and zero transcoding.



videos from your device.


your video so you can show it off perfectly.

Add Speed Profiles

to make your video and make dramatic action cam shots pop.

Rotate your videos in different angles

Portrait or Square?

ReAction supports Portrait, Landscape or Square videos.


your videos with zero quality loss.

Include background music

to sync your action to.

Tutorial Video


muvee Reaction App flat speed profile

The Flat

Your go-to profile for fast or slow motion sequences

muvee Reaction App Smooth speed profile

The Smooth

muvee Reaction backhand speed profile

The Backhand

Slow down instantly and speed back up quickly

Reaction App Freeze speed profile

The Freeze

Slow down instantly then speed back up gradually

muvee Reaction App Bungee speed profile

The Bungee

Slow down gradually then speed up instantly

muvee Reaction Slamdunk speedprofile

The Slam Dunk

Slow down quickly then speed up instantly

Multi-segments. Multi-speeds.
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