Photographers’ Favorite Bundle

$179.94 $19.99

The Ultimate Slideshow Powerhouse!

We hand-picked 15 photo-centric Styles which will make your slideshows pop. If photos are your thang, you gotta have these.
Everyone loves a good slideshow!

* works with videos too, just sayin'

The Soccer Mom, The Vacationeer, The Wedding Photog, The Smartphone snapper.

Everybody loves a good slideshow!

muvee Reveal Encore (complete, latest version)

Plus 5 stylePacks (with 3 Styles each)

Essentials (Artiste, Tribute, Foreign Cinema)
photoElegance (Reflections, Classic Vanilla, Journal)
photoFabulous (Postcard, Polaroid, Lomo Loco)
photoFocus (Raindrops, Reminisce, Showcase)
photoGenie (Grunge, Aurora, Cosmic)

Product Description

The award-winning photo-slideshow maker that over 1 million users are raving about, now with an additional 15 Styles to make your photo-movies come to live. Photo styles have unique Ken-burns effects which pan and zoom to the feel of the music bed. Now you can focus on capturing the moment, and leave the slideshow making to muvee Reveal. Easily personalize your slideshows using powerful features like Chapters, Anchoring, Music Recommendation, Cinematic Trailer Titles, Photo Enhancements and magicSpot. Then burn a DVD or share on Facebook!

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