muvee Reveal Encore + 62 Styles + 10 Cinematic Titles and more than 120 music tracks

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Save over $450 on muvee Reveal Encore + ALL our add-ons; 10 Cinematic Titles, Over 60 Styles and more than 120 music tracks!

The bundle our most ardent fans request for.  The ultimate complete muvee value bundle.  Get the award winning muvee Reveal Encore along with ALL the Styles we have ever published.
Thats 14 packs of 3 styles each and all 16 premium singles. A whopping over 60 unique muvee Styles.

You are the resident memories keeper of the family, the chronicler of your baby's growth, or the teacher who wants to make your classes more interesting.
Or maybe, you are the dude with the GoPro who is always out capturing all the excitement with your buddies.

Save big with this bundle. Only available here.

muvee Reveal Encore 2018

The Latest edition of our Award wining automatic video editor

14 stylePacks (with 3 Styles each)

It's All about Dad (Fathers’ Journal, #1 Dad, Dad’s Cool)
photoFocus (Raindrops, Reminisce, Showcase)
photoFamily (Corkboard, Lovestruck, Industrial)
photoGenie (Grunge, Aurora, Cosmic)
photoElegance (Reflections, Classic Vanilla, Journal)
photoFabulous (Postcard, Polaroid, Lomo Loco)
Wedding (Quiet Romance, Kiss, Velvet)
California (Mojave, Tahoe, Sunset Blvd.)
Essentials (Artiste, Tribute, Foreign Cinema)
Christmas (Santa, Presents, Starry Night)
Adrenaline Rush (Smooth, Splatz, Techno Buzz)
Action (Pump it Up!, Hexplode, Stop Motion)
Mix it Up (Turn Back Time, Soar, Squares)
Retro (Coachella, Color Television, Catwalk)

16 Premium Singles

Wonder Mom
First Steps
Kiddy Memories
Origami Hearts
Watercolor Love Story
Love's in Bloom
Xmas Photobook
Winter Fairytale
Winter Magic
Candles in the Wind
Holiday Blessings
Winter Wonderland
New York

23 Cinematic Titles for Opening Sequences

Urban Chic
Winter Wonderland
Xmas Card
Prosperous Holiday
Christmas Carol
Let it Snow!
Season's Greetings
Quirky Fun
Little Moments
Mom, we love you!
Dad, you're our hero
Golden Oldies.

More than 120 Licensed music tracks

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Product Description

This is the bundle our most ardent fans get.  The complete ultimate auto-editing package. You get the award winning muvee Reveal Encore along with ALL the Styles that makes it awesomer.  Every. Single. Style.

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