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UPGRADE: muvee autoProducer Family of Products

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If you currently own muvee autoProducer video software, you are one of our earliest supporters!
muvee autoProducer was first released in 2002. This was replaced in 2007 with the muvee Reveal family of software which was re-written to support modern video formats and 3D rendering technologies. Faster, richer effects, transitions and features at higher resolution.
Still with all the simplicity you are used to.

SAVE $30 when you upgrade here!

If you bought stylePacks for muvee autoProducer, they are not compatible with muvee Reveal family of products. This is because muvee Reveal was rewritten entirely on a new technology base in order to support all the new formats like MPEG4 and H264 to support Full High Definition resolution videos.
Over 40 new styles were published to date for the muvee Reveal family of products and they feature loads of cool new effects, transitions and features for customization. We are sure you will like them even more!

Product Description

New Features:

Now you can relive memories in Full HD – supports multiple devices.
Now each Style integrates hand picked royalty free music tracks.
With the music trimming feature, include only your favorite segment of a song.
Saves to the best quality for your iPhone & iPad and syncs automatically with iTunes.
Broadcast everywhere in HD with one click upload Facebook and Youtube!


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