Your first muvee as easy as 1‐2‐3
When you first launch muvee Reveal, you’ll see numbered steps.
To make your first muvee:
1. Click Add. Choose photos and videos you have on your computer, or just use the sample media to get started.
2. Click Choose a Style. Pick one of the Styles in the list for your muvee. When you select a Style, you’ll see a sample of how it looks. Double Click the sample video to make it bigger.
Now click the Play button. muvee Reveal takes a moment to analyze your music, videos and photos, and then your muvee starts playing! It takes the photos and videos you’ve imported, and uses the Style you chose to create a muvee that’s synchronized to the music.
Each style comes with a recommended music. To use your own music or add more music, Click Change. Choose any song on your computer.
From here you can try other muvee Styles, edit and re‐order your photos and videos, add captions, set the titles and credits, and much more. When you’re happy with your production, just click Save muvee to burn a DVD, save to your computer, or upload to Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo.

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