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What is the difference between muvee Reveal and muvee Reveal Business Pack?

muvee Reveal, or the regular version, is the same application as muvee Reveal Business Pack. The key differences are the license agreement and the additional bundled items that come with muvee Reveal Business Pack.

A general explanation of the differences between the 2 products:

The regular version of muvee Reveal, is sold with a normal home user license. Home user license entitles you to create productions strictly for personal use.

The muvee Reveal Business Pack gives you commercial license to create productions to sell to individuals for personal use or to promote your business. You’ll also receive the bundled stylePacks and royalty-free stock music for your purchase.

If you’re keen to understand the specifics of the license agreement, you can find them in the End User License Agreement

For more information, check out –

My muvee program tells me that my product key is invalid. What is wrong?

Your product key is case-sensitive, please check that you have entered your product key complete with the dashes. (i.e. 12345-ABCDE-54321-…)
We strongly recommend you to copy and paste your product key to avoid an invalid entry.
If you have a prior installation of muvee Reveal, please uninstall it first before installing the latest version.

QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple

We are currently working on removing dependencies on QuickTime. Unfortunately, there are some codecs which remain dependent on QuickTime being installed on Windows. In the meantime, we would like you to continue using Quicktime to support modern day video formats(MOV,MP4,etc). To download Quicktime 7, kindly visit Apple Download Center @

Can I use my muvee Reveal product key in other muvee Reveal versions?

Product keys cannot be interchanged or used in any other versions(for example, you have muvee Reveal 8 keys and you’re trying to use it on muvee Reveal Finale – it will not work!). Kindly uninstall the current version of muvee Reveal you have and contact our support team for the correct muvee Reveal installer.

I need to re-install my muvee software. Where can I re-download it?

You can reinstall your muvee product(s) from the backup CD(s) that you ordered at the time of your purchase(s).If you did not order a backup CD at the time of purchase and would like to do so now, please contact our support team via email, chat or phone to assist you further.

I did not receive any information to download my High Definition (HD) support plug-in.

You’ll be prompted to download and install HD Add-on when you use a functions/features that require HD(e.g. importing HD video files)

Missing Order Confirmation

If you have not received an order confirmation via email within a few minutes after placing your order, please check whether your email account is protected by a SPAM-filter. If so, the email may have been automatically removed from your inbox and filtered into a special folder. Therefore, please check your spam folder first.

What is the difference between saving a muvee and saving a project?

Saving a muvee renders the finished output to a specified file in a format of your choice. (such as WMV, MPEG-4, AVI etc). Saving a muvee project preserves your work in progress as a .RVL project file, so that you can exit from your muvee program and subsequently relaunch your project without having to start from scratch. Your media files, selected style and other settings are all preserved when you save a muvee project.

I’m not able to save my muvees. Save button greyed out

Always press the ‘Play’ button after importing your photos, music and videos before saving the project/muvees, in that way the program will be able to analyze each entry you’ve made. Once you’re in the saving window, you’ll have an option to choose the muvees you want to save or burn. Make sure you have selected a muvee before saving or burning.

I want a certain photo to appear at a certain part of the song

muvee Reveal makes a muvee using photos and videos in order. When it plays a muvee, each photo or video in the media panel is highlighted as it appears in the muvee.

By changing the order, you can control when your photo will appear, so that you can time it to match your song. You can also click any photo and click Mode on its context menu to change how long it is shown for. This can help you control when your photo appears.​

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