muvee 360 Video Stitcher for Mac

Top FAQs

Can I export the stitched videos into another program to edit further?

Yes. You can use another program to further edit stitched videos(e.g. Adobe Premiere to add text, color correction, etc)

There are some gray artifacts when previewing videos in the 360 Video Stitcher.

Processing 360 footage requires your machine to do some heavy lifting. That’s why your Mac will have to meet certain requirements(see system requirements) so it can smoothly run the application. However when you save it, these problems will not present itself and you will be able to share them in all its glory on Facebook and YouTube.

Can I tweak the quality of the videos?

Currently, 360 Video Stitcher does not have the ability to tweak brightness or sharpness of your videos. It stitches the two halves of the Samsung 360 cam videos and it’s does not alter the quality nor improves it. It stitches and saves it for you in one file which YouTube and Facebook can recognize (or you can play back on your Mac).

Does muvee 360 Video Stitcher support both versions of the Samsung Gear 360 Camera?

Yes it does, the App can adapt its stitching so that videos taken with either model of the Camera (2016 or 2017) are perfectly aligned. Just toggle on the little cam icon, located in the bottom-left corner of the player, to switch between models.

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