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Toolkits & SDKs

Essential components for fast deployment of other apps or feature ideas in the Camera, Gallery, Player or an Editor for OEMs with internal development teams.

Camera Color Science

Patented image color science for camera pipelines which ensures photos are always perfect powered by PerfectlyClear

Machine Learning SDK

Extending Tensor Flow, we have a mobile optimized engine ready for any vertical custom work

Advanced Multimedia SDK

Fast+Powerful APIs to all video, image and audio manipulations; used today in millions of phones.


Zero-render with cinematic mode adaptive interval timelapse algorithm

Video Summary

Summarize video, find faces, scrub quickly


Flatten fish eye lens edge distortion in ultra wide lens.

Elastic Time

Real-time preview of fast motion, slow motion and reverse motion videos with advance memory pipelining

Bullet Time

Automatically time-sync multiple phones and freeze time with a wrap around video effect

Compressed Domain Engine

Zero render Slo-mo, Crop, Trim, Audio replace

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